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7 Benefits of Martial Arts for Women

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There are countless benefits to adding martial arts to your life that improve both the mental and physical. Although female fighters have been blazing their way through the scene for almost as long as men they have come under the spotlight in the last decade. Some of the UFC’s most exciting fights have been women. An ever-increasing number of young ladies are flocking to gyms to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai, kickboxing, and karate, to name a few. Here are some of the top benefits female martial arts students experience:

  1. An Increase in Physical Fitness

Every martial art can boast of being a challenging full-body workout. Both striking and grappling-based forms increase cardiovascular fitness and overall physical strength. Students can also expect to be more flexible, have better balance and quicker reflexes. What’s more, the sessions are fun and engaging, and you are always learning something so it doesn’t seem as hard as it may be.

  1. Learn How to Defend Yourself

From punches and kicks to takedowns and chokeholds, martial arts offer a plethora of ways to defend yourself. Training equips you with both the physical and mental skills that help should you find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. If you are interested in striking, Muay Thai and kickboxing are excellent choices, and for sefl-defense, ground-based BJJ can't be beat. 

  1. Become More Confident

Learning something new, attending class consistently, and achieving things you never thought possible all contribute to an overall increase in confidence. As you learn self-defense techniques, you will feel more confident in your ability to protect yourself, walk alone, and just deal with the general ups and downs of life. Working with partners whether through rolling, sparring, or pad work, helps to develop more effective communication & interpersonal skills, which also build confidence. In just a few short months of committed training, you could find yourself a quite different person. 

  1. Embrace Body Positivity

It’s empowering watching your body change as you engage in an activity you are passionate about. Martial arts help women to love their bodies as they get to experience the things it is capable of. This fosters self-acceptance and body positivity. The goal of martial arts is actually not to lose weight or look good (though that is usually a result) the focus is on learning, discipline, and respect. As a result, female students adopt a healthier relationship with their bodies and minds. 

  1. Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Martial arts is a way of life. As your body makes positive physical changes, you will want to make other changes that facilitate your progress in class. This may be something small like drinking more water, or it may be a larger dietary overhaul. It’s also possible that you will try to be more confident in how you deal with people or you feel more comfortable taking risks at work. Martial arts have a funny way of seeping into your life outside the gym and this means taking up classes can result in an increase in healthy lifestyle habits overall.

  1. Stress Relief and Mental Wellbeing

Martial arts is proven to not only reduce stress and feelings of depression but also increase mental wellbeing. Martial arts is a great form of release to let go of pent-up feelings. Another important benefit of martial arts is that of mental resilience. Training pushes us past our comfort zone and teaches us how to deal with failure in a productive way. The mental benefits are as plentiful as the physical ones.

  1. Have Fun

No matter how challenging a class may be, it is always fun. The communities are very friendly, tight-knit and the camaraderie developed is one of a kind. Learning either striking or grappling or both is a journey that is fun, inspiring, and lifelong. Martial arts is a testament that fitness and self-improvement can be a challenging & fun process that brings many positive benefits to your life.

There are many more reasons for women to try martial arts, this is by no means a comprehensive list. As always do your research beforehand, check reviews, and then why not try it out?

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